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The AmeriGEOSS initiative ( is a framework that seeks to promote collaboration and coordination among the GEO ( members in the American continent, “to realize a future wherein decisions and actions, for the benefit of the region, are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations and information”.

The AmeriGEOSS Week 2018

The event took place from 6 to 10 August, 2018, at the National Institute for Space Research (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais – INPE) in São José dos Campos, São Paulo State, Brazil.

The main objectives of AmeriGEOSS Week 2018 were to share of good practices and knowledge within the priority areas established for the Americas region and develop new ways of strengthening relations. You will find next some of the presentations provided during the five days of the event. (

AmeriGEOSS Week 2018 Final Agenda

Day 1

Day 2

* AmeriGEOSS Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture GEOGLAM-Latinoamerica AMA-WG/GT (Alyssa Whitcraft, GEOGLAM Secretariat, USA)

* The CBERS Satellites (Joao Vianei Soares, INPE)

Red Colombia de Agricultura (Colombian …PPT Presenter: Cesar Valbuena Calderon

Estimating the Impact of Climate change on …PPT Presenter: Marcia Zilli (INPE, Brazil)

Sistemas de informacion y soporte para la toma …PPT Presenter: Guadalup Tiscornia

The Global Agricultural Monitoring (GLAM) …PPT Presenter: Michael Humber (University of Maryland, USA)

Disaster Risk ReductionPDF Chile Disasters Capacity Building - National Case Study, Data from…

Flyer AmeriGEOSS Platform English Spanish.pdfPDF This course will provide an introduction to the AmeriGEOSS Community…

GeoNetCast AmericasPDF Presenter: Luiz Augusto Machado (INPE, Brazil)

AmeriGEOSS Platform DemoPDF Presenter: Rich Frazier (USGS, USA)

CEOS Working Group on Capacity Building and …PDF Presenter: Nancy Searby (NASA, USA)

NASA DEVELOP National Program's Applications …PDF Presenter: Georgina Crepps (NASA, USA)

Mapping Precipitation and Solar Potential in …PDF Presenter: Tommy Albarelo (University of French Guiana, French Guiana)