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 === Day 1 === === Day 1 ===
    * {{amerigeoss:​camara.pdf|GEO Overview and Future Plans}} (Gilberto Camara, GEO Secretariat)    * {{amerigeoss:​camara.pdf|GEO Overview and Future Plans}} (Gilberto Camara, GEO Secretariat)
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 === Day 2 === === Day 2 ===
- * {{amerigeoss:​whitcraft.pdf|AmeriGEOSS Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture GEOGLAM-Latinoamerica+   * {{amerigeoss:​whitcraft.pdf|AmeriGEOSS Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture GEOGLAM-Latinoamerica
 AMA-WG/GT}} (Alyssa Whitcraft, GEOGLAM Secretariat,​ USA) AMA-WG/GT}} (Alyssa Whitcraft, GEOGLAM Secretariat,​ USA)
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​soares.pdf|The CBERS Satellites}} (Joao Vianei Soares, INPE)
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ calderon.pdf| Red Colombia de Agricultura}} (Cesar Valbuena Calderon)
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ zilli.pdf| Estimating the impact of climate change on Brazil'​s agricultural sector }} (Marcia Zilli, INPE)
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ tiscornia.pdf| Information for support systems for decision making in agricultural production: an Uruguayan example}} (Guadalup Tiscornia, Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria)
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ humber.pdf| The Global Agricultural Monitoring (GLAM }} (Michael Humber, University of Maryland )
- * {{amerigeoss:​soares.pdf|The CBERS Satellites}} (Joao Vianei Soares, INPE)+== FOUNDATIONAL ACTIVITIES SESSION == 
 +   * {{amerigeoss: ​machado.pdf| GeoNetCast Americas}} (Luiz Augusto Machado, INPE
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ searby.pdf| CEOS Working Group on Capacity Building and Data Democracy}} (Nancy Searby, NASA) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ crepps.pdf| NASA DEVELOP National Program’s Applications in the Americas: Utilizing NASA Earth Observations in Agriculture,​ Ecological, and Water Resource Feasibility Studies }} (Georgina Crepps, NASA) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ albarelo.pdf|Mapping Precipitation and Solar Potential in the Guiana Shield with Satellite Data}} (Tommy Albarelo, University of French Guiana)
-Red Colombia ​de Agricultura ​(Colombian ​...PPT +=== Day 3 === 
-PresenterCesar Valbuena Calderon+== ECOSYSTEMS SESSION == 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​aragao.pdf|Revealing the fate of tropical forests through Earth observation data}} (Luiz de Aragão, INPE) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​valeriano.pdf|INPE´s role in the Brazilian Ecosystems Environmental Monitoring Program}} ​(Dalton Valeriano, INPE)  
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​wilson_flores.pdf|SilvaCarbon Initiative}} (Africa Flores, NASA) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​fonseca.pdf|The use of Sentinel-2 images to identify Eragrostis plana invasion in Pampa biome rangelands}} (Eliana Lima da Fonseca, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:cherrington_hernandez.pdf|Use of public Earth Observation data for tracking progress in sustainable management of coastal forest ecosystems in Belize, Central America}} (Betzy Hernandez, NASA and University of Alabama in Huntsville)
-Estimating the Impact of Climate change on ...PPT +== WATER SESSION == 
-PresenterMarcia Zilli (INPE, Brazil)+   * {{amerigeoss:​gutierrez_2.pdf|GEO Global Water Sustainability Initiative (GEOGLOWS)}} (Angelica Gutierrez, NOAA) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ moraes.pdf|CEMADEN Activities and their contribution to GEOGLOWS}} (Osvaldo Moraes, CEMADEN) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ de_moraes.pdf|Brazilian Flood Awareness System}} (Marcio A. E. de Moraes, CEMADEN) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:siegwart_2.pdf|The Common Swiss Information Platform for Natural Hazards ​(GIN)}} (Karine SiegwartFederal Office for the Environment,​ FOEN) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​matos.pdf|Hydrological Monitoring – CPRM´s Experience}} (Andrea de Oliveira Germano, Geological Service, CPRM) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​lucatelli.pdf|The National Hydro-meteorological network - monitoring critical events}} (Geraldo Lucatelli Junior, National Water Agency, ANA) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​barbosa.pdf|LabISA ongoing studies supporting the monitoring of Brazilian Inland Waters}} (Claudio Barbosa, INPE)  
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​rudorff.pdf|Brazil’s experience using multi-platform satellite data to monitor the Doce River coastal plume after a major environmental disaster with a tailings dam collapse}} (Natalia Rudorff, INPE)
-Sistemas de informacion y soporte para la toma ...PPT +=== Day 4 === 
-Presenter: Guadalup Tiscornia+== DISASTERS SESSION ==
-The Global Agricultural Monitoring ​(GLAM) ...PPT +   * {{amerigeoss:​suarez.pdf|AmeriGEOSS Disasters Working Group}} ​(Rodrigo Suarez, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María) 
-PresenterMichael Humber ​(University ​of MarylandUSA)+   * {{amerigeoss:​namikawa.pdf|Disasters Charter in the Americas and Examples of usage}} (Laercio Namikawa, INPE) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​jaar.pdf|Uso de aeronaves autónomas para recabar información durante la emergencia de la erupción del volcán de Fuego del 3 de junio de 2018}} (Jorge Jaar, Aerobots) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​anderson.pdf|Integrating fire pixels with rural properties areas in a warning system to subsidize planning and decision making for mitigating wildfires in Acre, Brazilian Amazon}} (Liana Anderson, CEMADEN) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:correia.pdf|Risk mapping for landslides and floods associated with the movement of urban trains: a case study around Caieiras station of Line 7 Rubi of CPTM, São Paulo, Brazil}} ​(Thaís Passos Correia, Universidade de São Paulo) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​taylor.pdf|Geoinformation for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction; The Role of Geospatial Standards}} (Trevor TaylorOpen Geospatial Consortium)
-Chile Disasters Capacity Building ​National Case StudyData from...+   * {{amerigeoss:​djavidnia.pdf|The GEO Blue Planet Initiative: Ocean and Coastal Observations for Societal Benefit}} (Milton kampel, INPE, on behalf of Samuel Djavidnia, GEO Blue Planet) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​tabor.pdf|Harnessing Earth Observations to Support Indigenous-led Land Management}} (Karyn TaborConservation International) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​buitrago.pdf|SiB Colombia: Compartir y acceder a datos sobre biodiversidad}} (Leonardo Buitrago, Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt) 
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​solis.pdf|The connection between end users and regional climate information for the effective decision making}} (Alejandro Solis, Center for Digital Acceleration - DAI)
-Flyer AmeriGEOSS Platform English Spanish.pdfPDF +=== Day 5 === 
-This course will provide an introduction to the AmeriGEOSS Community... +==INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION SESSION ==
- +
-GeoNetCast AmericasPDF +
-Presenter: Luiz Augusto Machado (INPE, Brazil) +
- +
-AmeriGEOSS Platform DemoPDF +
-Presenter: Rich Frazier (USGS, USA) +
- +
-CEOS Working Group on Capacity Building and ...PDF +
-Presenter: Nancy Searby (NASA, USA) +
- +
-NASA DEVELOP National Program'​s Applications ...PDF +
-Presenter: Georgina Crepps (NASA, USA) +
- +
-Mapping Precipitation and Solar Potential in ...PDF +
-Presenter: Tommy Albarelo (University of French Guiana, French Guiana)+
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​silva.pdf|About IAI (Inter - American Institute for Global Change Research) and Regional Coordination}} (Marcos Regis da Silva, IAI)
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​ohira.pdf|IAI Capacity Building Activities and Approaches}} (Marcella Ohira, IAI
 +   * {{amerigeoss:​moutinho.pdf|The Atlantic International Research Centre: a framework for collaboration along and across the Atlantic Ocean}} (Jose Moutinho, Atlantic International Research Centre)