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e-learning course

The International e-learning course on Introduction to Remote Sensing Technology (Feburary - July, 2013) was an effort by CEOS Agencies toward:

  • Providing wider and easier access to Earth Observation data;
  • Increasing the sharing of software tools such as the use of open source software and open systems interface;
  • Increasing data dissemination capabilities, transferring relevant technologies to end users.

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Presentations and Recorded Classes

Module 1 – Introduction, History and International Support

Module 2 – Principles of Remote Sensing, Sensors and Platforms

Understanding of spectral signatures and interaction
of the electromagnetic radiation with the atmosphere and natural targets
Shefali Agrawal, ISRO
Spatial, temporal, spectral and radiometric resolution
of remote sensing
Andrew Heidinger, NOAA
Concepts of Cartography for Remote SensingJulio Dalge, INPE
Sensors and platforms: General view of all sensors that
were used in the course
Eric Wood-USGS and Kim Keith-SEO-NASA
VideoClass 1
VideoClass 2

Module 3 – Datasets Access: satellite images & software

CBERS Image CatalogLaercio Namikawa, INPE
LANDSAT Image CatalogEric Wood, USGS
SumbandilaSat imageryNale Mudau, SANSA
Integration of Remote Sensing Imagery with Geographic
Information Systems
Laercio Namikawa, INPE
Digital Terrain Modeling Laercio Namikawa, INPE

Module 4 – Remote Sensing Applications