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Learning Center: Education and Training - Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technology

Who we are

The mission of Earth Observation General Coordination of the Brazilian National Institute of Space Research (INPE) is to be the scientific and technological leader in the use of Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technology, fostering knowledge and information about Earth changes and supporting public policies and decision making.

The objective of this Learning Center is to disseminate educational and scientific contents produced by this coordination, as well as, the ones generated from our partnership with the Working Group on Capacity Building and Data Democracy ( WGCapD) of Committee on Earth Observation Satellites ( CEOS )

Here you will have access to learning materials from online and onsite capacity building initiatives: video classes, lectures, presentations and tutorials, in various subjects related to the use of Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technology. You will find also reports from various training sessions provided by WGCapD partners, containing lessons learned and best practices. Enjoy!

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