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CEOS WGCapD & WGDisasters Distance Education Course

Remote Sensing Technology for Disaster Management

The CEOS Working Groups on Capacity Building & Data Democracy (WGCapD) and Disasters (WGDisasters) offered this course (April-May, 2015), which consisted of a comprehensive series of eight introductory webinars that addressed the use of remote sensing technology for Disaster Management.

Course Objectives:
  • Provide access to expertise from space agencies around the world.
  • Link participants to a global network of experts and policymakers.
  • Create awareness about international coordination bodies, such as CEOS, GEO, UNOOSA (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs) and the International Charter for Space and Major Disasters.
  • Provide access to datasets and useful tools available from CEOS Members.
  • Help participants enhance their Disaster Management skills.

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Presentations and Recorded Classes

Webinar 1 – Introduction to Webinars Series
Overview of CEOS/WGCapD/WGDisastersHilcea Ferreira, INPE
Where CEOS can help: Datasets and Useful Tools: CEOS Visualization Environment (COVE), the CEOS Earth Observation Handbook Kim Holloway, NASA
International Collaboration for DMBrenda Jones, USGS
Webinar 2 – Introduction to Disasters: Causes, effects, monitoring, mitigation, and management. Methods of hazard, vulnerability, and risk assessment and the role of geospatial data.
Introduction into DisastersSu-Yin Tan, University of Waterloo
Webinar 3 – Space-based Earth observation systems and their applications for hydro-meteorological disasters (floods)
Webinar 4 – Space-based Earth observation systems and their applications for geological disasters (earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes)
Webinar 5 – Space-based Earth observation systems for environmental disasters (forest fires)
Webinar 6 – Real Time Monitoring of Global Precipitation from Space: New Technologies Applied to Heavy Rainfall Risk Reduction
Webinar 7 – Concepts and applications of internet GIS and Sensor Web (network of sensors) for disaster management. Example of an open source tool TerraMA2 - computational platform for developing Monitoring, Analysis and Alert systems)
Webinar 8 – Rapid mapping and emergency services: Success stories - International Charter for Space and Major Disasters