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-under construction...+===== CEOS WGCapD ===== 
 +==== Training Workhsop on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data ====
------CEOS WGCapD----- +== Bridging the gap between Optical and SAR processing, especially in developing countries ==
-----Training Workhsop on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data----+
--- Bridging ​the gap in SAR processing in Africa --+SAR remote sensing provides a new dimension for measuring various bio-geophysical parameters of the features on Earth surface. SAR sensors are advantageous ​in comparison to optical remote sensing because of their day/night capabilities and penetration through even dense cloud cover. Since 2016, CEOS WGCapD has provided the following ​SAR Training Workshops, on data access, awareness, ​processing, and applications,​ to users in developing countries:
-1- Lusaka, Zambia ​in October 2016 +|**1 - Lusaka, Zambia:** October ​10 - 14, 2016 | {{sar-workshop:​sar_training_workshop_lusaka_zambia_oct_2016_report_web.pdf|Lessons Learned Report}}| 
-2- Pretoria, South Africa ​in January 2017 + 
-3- Libreville, Gabon in February 2017+|** 2 - Pretoria, South Africa:** 20 – 26 January2017|| 
 +|** 3 - Libreville, Gabon:** 20-24 February2017|{{sar-workshop:​agenda_sar_training_libreville_gabon_feb_2017.pdf|Agenda}}|{{sar-workshop:​sar_training_workshop_libreville_gabon_feb_2017_report_web.pdf|Lessons Learned Report}}| 
 +|**4- Tshwane, South Africa:** 4 - 7 May, 2017|{{sar-workshop:​agenda_sar_workshop_isrse_tshwane_southafrica_may_2017.pdf|Agenda}}|